Cat's Whiskers Reed Diffuser

Soft and comforting with the fragrance of baby powder, scented reed diffuser.
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Fred the croft cat knows how to relax, burying himself in the fresh bales of hay is one of his favourite snuggles. A twitch of the whiskers means 'I know you're there'.

His reed diffuser is soft and comforting with the fragrance of baby powder.

Product specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Dimensions100ml fragranced oil in high quality glass cube with silver cap.
Diffuser OilAugeo soya diffuser base with high quality fragrance, non toxic, low carbon footprint, optimal evaporation giving superior performance.
ReedsSix black fibre reeds, 3.5mm thick, 250mm long, designed not to clog up, providing a controlled rate of fragrance release. You wont have to flip these reeds.
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