About us

Picture in the croft kitchen

Rose Cottage Scullomie has been our (Andrea and Derrick) Highland home since December 2010. Formerly of Darwen, Lancashire we moved to live and work in the wonderful remoteness of North Sutherland.

We share our croft with goats, pigs, duck, hens, dogs and cats. Together we take care of our croft land, each with our own role to play.

My love of wonderfully scented candles and traditional soap bars led to the creation of Rose Cottage Candles and Soaps all inspired by our crofting lifestyle.

Rose Cottage is a tradition crofters cottage with a few added extras for modern living; electricity, stairs and a slate roof! We’re not exactly sure of the date that the cottage was built. We know that it was an established home in June 1844 when the Sutherland Estate Factor visited all the tenant crofters in the Tongue area. Below is the entry from his note book about the family and croft that made the cottage their home.

SCULLOMIE No.11 (168)

Fourth house from east end on west side of road. Lot No.6 on Plan of 1829. Then 2.2.5 arable and 1.3.22 of pasture, together 4.1.27.  A good deal drained and improved since 1829. Nothing more that could be advantageously taken in. Rent £5 4s. 11d. Has a garden.

House - a new tenantry one, thatched, divided but not lofted.

Family - tenant 57 years of age, a labourer. Has a wife, six sons and two daughters. One daughter and son now married. In this way only at home, five sons 26, 21, 17, 13 and 11. Two of the sons are fishers.

Stock: 5 cows, 18 sheep. Gave him permission to put up a shop at east end of house, and dunghill to be shifted to back of house.