Soap from the Crofters Kitchen

Crofter Kitchen soaps are traditional soap bars with a fun, fresh twist, a reminder of the days before the plastic bottle of hand wash. We don’t claim to be eco warriors, but common sense says the sum of us all doing a little can potential be a lot.

Our vegetable-based soaps are full of the benefits of milk and honey.

Goats milk is naturally high in vitamins and minerals, and rich in butterfats a perfect moisturiser. The Vitamin E found in abundance in goat’s milk is often call the skin’s best friend. Honey makes a rich soap full of natural antioxidants ideal for soothing the skin. The high glycerine content of our soaps makes them feel great to use.  So, adding all this together our soaps are creamy smooth, moisturising and nourishing.

To these perfect bases we blend oils, botanicals, and ground seeds to bring even greater benefits. No artificial colours are added. The fragrances either come from the essential oils added or from perfumes that meet the exacting requirements of the International Fragrance Association.

And then when we’re happy we have our blends just right we get all our soaps certified by an independent safety assessor in accordance with EU cosmetic regulations so that you can buy with confidence.

We source all our ingredients from companies that care about people, animals, and the planet.

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