Meet the Rose Cottage Critters

The Ground Maintenance Crew

Goat Pictures

The Goats

Our goats are a cross between Anglo Nubian and the British Apline, they show both sets of characteristics.

Verity has the ‘Roman’ nose and floppy ears of the Anglo Nubian, whilst her mother Romina has more erect perky ears of the British Alpine. As both breeds are large, sturdy breeds our Goat Crew definitely have stature.

Their role at Rose Cottage is to do what they do so well, EAT. During the summer months they browse the fields keeping tall growing grass and weeds under control, also helping with a little fertilising as they go. If they’re not eating they love to lie looking out to sea.

Pig Pictures

The Pigs

Kunekune pigs originate from New Zealand where they were kept by the Maoris. Our crew are hairy and friendly and being true to their name rather round, but don’t be fooled they can certainly move when food is on the way.

Kunekune are the smallest domesticated breed of pig in the world and a firm favourite among pet pig owners because they are placid and friendly, they love human company. They’d be happy for you to stay with them all day providing back and tummy rubs, and apple treats!

They are our grass cutters, grazing much closer to the ground than the goats do. They also do a great weeding job in winter, lightly turning the ground to get to the juicy roots of the weeds

The Pest Control Crew

Duck Pictures Duck Pictures

The Ducks

The ducks were hatched here at Rose Cottage and are a commercial variant of the Aylesbury duck, all apart from George she’s of uncertain heritage.

Whilst they provide us with plenty of eggs during the summer months, their all-important role is keeping on top of the slug and snail population, not just to save the tender plants in the herb and flower garden, but to keep the fields free of the nasty parasites that slugs and snails carry that are bad for goats and dogs.

Fred and Barney Pictures

The Cats

Fred and Barney are the Rose Cottage rescue cats. Cute and hand reared by the SSPCA after being found with their brothers and sisters all alone near Inverness. They live the wild life prowling the fields and hills, frequently seen high in the trees, green eyes glowing in the dark.

They love the warmth of the hay bales and look unimpressed if they’re disturbed whilst napping.

The tabby duo keeping on top of the rodent population keeping the grain in the feed store safe.

The Egg Makers

Hens Pictures

Rose Cottage hens keep the kitchen supplied with eggs (and Fred the cat!!). The hen’s also help with pest control as they love scratching around and eating the pesky bugs.

The Barking Mad Crew

Dog Pictures

Not sure what they do? Oh, apart from what they do best BARK! No one could ever sneak up on Rose Cottage.

Having one rescue border collie type dog makes for a crazy life, two descends into madness, and THREE is total mayhem!!

Alfie came first, followed by Brodie and finally Milo!

Scullomie would be a quieter place without them but then it just wouldn’t be the same!

As rescue dogs do they show you just how loving dogs can be no matter what their start in life.

I’ve just thought what they do.
They make me smile!